About Us

Porter-Walker LLC (PW) is an innovative marketer of industrial, safety and MRO supplies as well as a valued supply chain partner. Our products represent a broad range of indirect supplies from over 2000 manufacturers, and our service offering is based on a deep understanding of typical and specific procurement challenges and goals.  Some of our value-adds are:

  • Providing deep category knowledge
  • Finding hidden savings opportunities
  • Leveraging customer spend
  • Partnering in process re-engineering
  • Collaborating in pilot-program design, implementation & evaluation

Our Vision:
Provide high quality/low cost indirect material procurement solutions which allow our customers to receive the maximum benefit from our knowledge base.


Founded in 1907, Porter-Walker began as a general supply store to the local agricultural community.  The company grew and expanded to selling farm and industrial equipment as well as increasing its product offering to accommodate the local phosphate industry.  As core manufacturing in the United States grew, Porter-Walker expanded its customer base and product offering to become a full-line industrial supply house.

Demand for Porter-Walker’s products continued to grow due to the company’s particular attention to providing hands-on, personal service.  The customer base also changed—larger corporations with varied operations over a wider geography.

Porter-Walker has several decades of experience in partnering with utility and industrial sector companies to provide value equal to or greater than the largest national chain distributors could.  Our knowledge base includes the experience of having long-term customers with annual purchases varying from $50,000 to over $20 million, and we now offer our products and supply chain services to customers across the country.

We have seen the procurement activity evolve—“three bids & a buy,” limited blanket purchase orders, commodity management, and integrated supply—and we offer our product knowledge and supply chain experience to help our customers achieve their goals in supply chain quality, lowest total cost of ownership, and process re-engineering.

Core Objectives:

Our core objective is to create both short-term and long-term value for our customers by:

  1. Leveraging our extensive knowledge and experience in industrial distribution
  2. Sharing and applying our practical understanding of procurement processes and the challenges associated with those processes, and
  3. Passing on the savings to you from our leveraged buying power across a broad range of  product categories.

Our top priority is to understand and meet our customers’ needs and expectations with stellar service and personal attention. Every customer. Every time.


Network Platform

At Porter-Walker, we continue to enhance customer satisfaction, performance and cost management through technological innovation.  Our network platform empowers our team to share information across numerous points of contact within the organization, resulting in consistent and seamless communication with our customers.  Porter-Walker’s technology toolbox provides mechanisms to reduce costs associated with order processing, inventory management, customer service, order accuracy and administrative processes.  We proudly offer a full spectrum of options to our customers—everything from e-commerce capabilities right down to a friendly voice on the phone.

Our state-of-the-art computer network features a high-performance, standards-based application architecture with the flexibility to accommodate all of our customers’ needs.  This high-powered technology quickly scours our database and hones in on all the data on any product you need, right when you need it.  Add to this a customer service team with unrivaled product knowledge, and the result is stellar service and personal attention for every customer, every time.

Our system supports multiple customer order methods, including fax, phone, email, e-commerce and electronic data interchange (“EDI”).  Key supported EDI modules include:

  • Send & Receive Invoice (810)
  • Receive Remittance Advice (820)
  • Send Purchase Order (850)
  • Send Advance Ship Notice (856)
  • Send & Receive Purchase Order Acknowledgements (997)

Award-Winning Applications

Porter-Walker’s advanced data-mining capabilities and custom reporting provide our customers with timely, up-to-the-minute snapshots of useful information relative to a particular item, vendor, supply-chain activity, etc.  Performance metrics monitor key inventory, quoting, procurement, storeroom and delivery processes to ensure continuous evaluation of opportunities to improve.

Porter-Walker also partners with customers in maximizing the value of their own technologies.  Our innovative approach in the administration of large contracts (those with several thousand line items) has garnered numerous awards and resulted in tremendous savings, both in time and money, for some of our largest customers.

We seek to regularly evaluate the effectiveness of our processes in collaboration with our customers using the following method: