Contractor Programs

Porter-Walker provides a full spectrum of support to contractors and we have specific experience with heavy industrial contractors.

Nuclear Construction & Restart Projects
We have 10 years of continuous supply experience with nuclear projects, acting as a leveraged provider of MRO supplies—non QA and QA3.

Electric Utility Outage Projects
Porter-Walker works closely with on-site contractors, utility procurement outage teams and plant personnel to help accurately plan for outage MRO supply needs.  We devise delivery & shipping schedules that work, and we understand and support emergency needs as they occur.

We have also set up on-site, staffed warehouses to provide supplies on a just-in-time basis.  We have the experience to add real value to your project team and would be glad to discuss any specific needs you may have or to respond to an RFI or RFQ.


Full Service Strategy

Porter-Walker’s unique experience in dealing with contractors directly and in association with utility procurement teams has resulted in our integrated approach in servicing the full needs of contractors—from the home office to the site superintendent.

All within the context of competitive pricing and responsive service, we seek to develop long-term relationships based on trust and mutual respect.  When we start a new relationship, we begin to collect data on purchasing patterns, product line preferences and other key metrics which allow us to fully meet your needs in a fast an efficient manner.  The following is an example of how our integration model might look.


Jobsite Containers & International Support

Porter-Walker offers two primary jobsite container programs: our Supply Store Program (for consumables) and our Tool Container program.

Supply Store Program
For consumables (MRO, industrial & safety supplies), we can offer direct-to-jobsite shipping of a fully-stocked container–with re-supply support during the project–either on a prepaid basis or on consignment (final inventory taken upon return of container to Porter-Walker with one invoice to contractor per project).  Call us to discuss your specific needs, and we will tailor a solution for you.

Tool Container Program
For durable tools & supplies, Porter-Walker offers a full design and fabricating service to give you the specific container you need, complete with the tools fully in place and ready to ship.

International Support
We have worked with overseas site superintendents on container projects, and will arrange to fully stock your container and deliver it to your international jobsite.  Please call us to discuss your needs.