Value-Added Services

With our commitment to innovation and our proven track record in supply-chain initiatives, Porter-Walker has been a pathfinder in reducing costs, improving efficiency, facilitating standardization, and streamlining sourcing and procurement for our customers.  We partner with the customer to tailor unique solutions that result in significant cost savings opportunities and a simplified supply chain for our products.  Porter-Walker’s customized solutions furnish our customers with a variety of strategic benefits and value-added services, including:

  • Customized programs
  • Efficient inventory and supply chain management
  • MRO commodity sourcing expertise
  • Reduced procurement costs
  • Improved inventory management
  • Improved on-time delivery
  • Customized reports

Porter-Walker has become an experienced “first-choice” partner for testing new processes, ideas, and technologies while moving forward with pilot programs and full roll-outs for our customers.  Our collaborative approach includes providing customers with supplier insights and feedback which may be used to test and develop new strategies.

Sourcing Strategy Support
With in-depth knowledge and familiarity with a variety of sourcing strategies employed over the wide range of our customers, we can add value to your supply chain in many different ways.  Depending on the level of supplier integration, procurement methods have several descriptions, including:

  • Traditional quoting
  • Commodity management
  • Integrated supply
  • Category management
  • Enterprise agreements
  • Outsourcing

Each of our customers has different challenges and requirements, and we spend the time to accurately understand the goals of a particular engagement and to recommend the appropriate level of integration.

Supply chain efficiency and cost effectiveness are priorities to all companies that purchase industrial tools, MRO and safety supplies.  With our national network, we can develop and implement a supply chain solution for you that accomplishes three key objectives:

  1. It supports your product purchasing needs by allowing you to purchase all of your industrial/MRO/safety supplies through us;
  2. It allows you to devote far less time and manpower to the procurement process; and
  3. It allows you to optimize your total supply chain costs.

Our general approach to an engagement consists of the following steps:

Supply Chain Assessment, Analysis & Design:  We begin the process by first consulting with our client to understand the client’s supply chain goals, circumstances, purchasing patterns, and geographic requirements.

Technology Needs Assessment and Integration Plan:  We assess the technological infrastructure necessary to implement and execute an integration plan.  We make suggestions as necessary.

Inventory Planning and Automatic Replenishment Plan Development:  We build an automated replenishment process that keeps your inventory at desired levels.

Fully Integrated Logistics Management:  We carefully manage the movement of inventory to you from locations that are closest to you—thus minimizing the cost of logistics, and minimizing the amount of time that shipments take to arrive.

Secure and Timely Deliveries:  Your products will be delivered to your sites securely-and always on-time.


Our standardization initiatives have saved our customers millions of dollars in direct costs on our product categories.  Additionally, our customers continue to realize significant “soft-cost” savings derived from the standardization process, including shorter order lead times, elimination of unnecessary transactions and reduction in internal material handling time.

Porter-Walker is interested in responding to any upcoming RFQ you might have for our product categories and we are willing to customize a solution to meet your unique requirements.  For more information, click here to contact us.


Industrial Vending Programs

Controlling Indirect Material:
Now, you can fully automate your Indirect Material Supply Chain. That’s the idea behind Porter-Walker’s Automated Vending solution. Using the robust SnapVendÔ helix machines and cloud-based software from Vendnovation, the solution is one that operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Because the software was designed from the ground up for Tool and Safety applications, it wasn’t stuck with legacy user training issues or a tradi­tional client/server model, and is completely offered for a small annual software subscription.

All the reports are full featured and provide automated alerts for multiple Low Inventory Levels, Machine Health, Power Failure, Internet Connectivity and includes:

  • Usage Reports
  • User History
  • Location Reports
  • Spending Limits
  • Department Reports
  • Category Reports
  • Subcontractor Usage
  • Job Costs
  • Cost Codes
  • Automatic Outage Alerts
  • Machine Self Diagnostics
  • Exportable Data to XLS or CSV for Import and Analysis

Each installation is custom-configured to accommodate many of the items that companies struggle with to control usage, ensure replenishment, maintain accountability and accurately allocate costs. With real-time updating, time-stamped individual transactions and comprehensive reporting capabilities, Porter-Walker offers the solution to manage your Indirect Material Supply Chain.